The Story of a Woman Who Suffers from Peladophobia

Dewi, a 30-year-old woman suffering from peladophobia, is an excessive fear of bald head or fear of baldness. On that day, Daus, Dewi's husband, cut his hair completely bald. During office breaks, he returns to his house for lunch.

Daus intends to surprise the Goddess. He did not tell his wife that he had completely cut off his hair. He thought that his wife would only be shocked, then shouted. But apparently, what happened to Daus became something that never crossed his mind.

It all started with a conversation in the morning before Daus left for the office.


"Honey, yesterday I was reprimanded by the Director while at the office," Daus began the conversation.

"Why? Did you make a mistake at the office? Corruption?" Dewi asked worriedly.

"Hahaha, that's not it, Honey. Little mistake, really."

"What's that?"

"The director told me to cut my hair. Maybe, it sounds trivial, anyway, but as much as possible i want to follow the wishes of the Director. Yes, this is all for the sake of smooth work. What do you think, Honey? "

"Well, that's fine, Honey."

"Are you sure?" Daus made sure.

"Yes, I'm. I love you."


Actually, Daus had known about the illness suffered by his wife long before they were married. At the beginning of the approach period, Daus tried to lengthen his hair with the intention that Dewi was attracted to him. Sure enough, the Goddess became interested until finally they were married.


They both live in a small family that is so harmonious, although after 2 years of marriage they have not yet been blessed with children. Dewi loves Daus, and vice versa.


Several times Daus had asked what was the cause of the disease suffered by Dewi. However, Dewi only explained that the disease had suffered since she was a child. Daus believed in the explanation given by Dewi because after all, he did not want to bring up problems that had bad consequences just because he wanted to know the cause of his wife's illness. In his mind, his wife's illness is something that must be understood and guarded, not scooped up the cause.

After finishing breakfast together, Daus left for an office not far from his house, which took about 10 minutes by car. That day, Daus left earlier than usual. He intended to cut his hair first so that his superiors would not reprimand him when he arrived at the office.

When the office break came, Daus hurried home for lunch and wanted to surprise Dewi with her bald head. Upon arrival in front of the house, Daus slowly opened the living room door. Then he walked settling while looking for where the Goddess was.

A voice was heard from someone who was busy cutting vegetables from the kitchen. "That must be Dewi," he said softly. Daus walked on tiptoe into the kitchen so that Dewi did not hear his footsteps. Upon arrival in the kitchen, Dewi was seen slicing vegetables on the table, back to the door in the direction of Daus. Daus slowly began to approach the Goddess.

"Honey…!" softly, said Daus near the left ear Goddess.

Instantly Dewi looked at the source of the voice she heard.

"Aaa ...! Help, me...!" Dewi shouted, feeling very surprised, spontaneously he immediately stabbed a vegetable cutter he held into Daus's body. The knife stuck in the stomach, Daus. Dewi immediately ran as fast as she could to leave her house. Dewi goes to the house of one of her neighbors named Siti.


"Siti, Help.....Help....! Please.....! " Dewi shouted, banging on Siti's door.

"What's wrong, Dewi?" Siti answered shortly after opening the door.

"My father came to the house. He wants to kill me."

"Isn't your father still in prison? Why is your shirt so much blood? "

"Yes, be quiet! I want to hide in your house,"said Dewi, who immediately ran into Siti's house.


Siti calmed Dewi immediately, and told her to hide in one of the rooms that happened to be empty, then lock it. Siti goes to the place of Mr. RT (person in charge of the local area), then invites some residents to check Dewi's house. Arriving at Dewi's house, they saw the front door of the house wide open.

They entered to the house. They began to search some parts of the house. They did not split up because they were afraid that the Goddess's father would suddenly appear and attack them. Goddess's father is a villain.


When entering the kitchen, Siti, Mr. RT, and several local residents were very surprised to see a man who was lying with a knife attached to his stomach, as well as blood splattering on the floor. They immediately approached the man. Instantly they looked at each other and looked at each other, again they were very surprised at what they saw. The man who died sprawling was Daus, Dewi's husband.


It turned out that the peladophobia suffered by Dewi was caused by the trauma he had suffered since the murder of his mother by Mr. Ari, who was none other than his own father. He is a bald-headed old man who is still in prison. Goddess saw the murder committed by his father directly.


Some time after Siti and the residents put Daus's body on a chair in the living room of Dewi's house, Siti and Mr. RT went to meet Dewi. They explained to Dewi that the bald man she had stabbed to death was Daus, her own husband.


Goddess also did not believe, he still thought that the bald man was indeed his father, and he did not want to go back to his house. Finally Siti and Mr. RT reported the incident to the police. Dewi was arrested for murder.


Basically, Dewi will see all bald people as her father. If it's like this who is wrong? Daus is guilty of wanting to joke, but maybe crossing the line. Meanwhile, Dewi, guilty of not being frank about her father's case to Daus.


If only Dewi wanted to tell straight to Daus about the cause of her illness, maybe Daus would not have done too much fad. Therefore, openness, especially in a relationship is very, very important.

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